The Swagger Group is a South Florida based design, marketing and advertising agency that creates identities, commercials, websites, print materials, packaging, social experiences, SEO and objects for clients, audiences and ourselves.

Founded in 2004 by innovators from several Fortune 500 Companies with roots in design and marketing spanning back to the 90's, the Swagger Group entered the world to attract and get attention. Our work motivates consumers to become experience customers, purchase and enjoy, then transform them into ambassadors to your products, services and brands.


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Studio Visits & Tours

Although we’d love to meet you, we are a small studio and can’t do visits or tours. We do host “Salon Nights”, where we meet five designers who share their work and get feedback on portfolios. To find out upcoming dates, email us with the subject 'Salon Night'.

Applying for Internships

Please email us a link to your website at Add "Internship Application: Your Name Here" in the subject field. We generally have a long waiting list for internships; however, we'd still love to see your work as occasionally we have spots open up sooner.

Applying for Jobs

As a small studio, we do not hire often, but we are always looking for talented designers and content creators to work with. Email us a link to your website to Add "Job Application: Your Name Here" in the subject field.

Student Questions

Unfortunately, we cannot respond to every question, as we are a small studio with big work; however, we will do our best to answer your questions.

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Our Skills

Everything we do comes out of the intellect, experience, sensibilities, eccentricities and humanity of our people. So it is not surprising that people come first at Swagger Group and that passion is what drives us...and a skill in our industry.

  • Creative Concepts 99%

  • Graphic Design 95%

  • Field Research 70%

  • Advertising 90%

  • Marketing 90%

  • Product Design 45%

  • Branding 85%

  • Outdoor & Travel 20%

Mail Us

Swagger Group
P.O. Box 23534
Oakland Park, FL. 33307

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Tele: 754-703-SWAG (7924)

What We Do

Art Direction
Branding & Identity
Content Generation
Belief Systems
Event Design
Exhibition Design
Signage Design
Web Design

A Few of Our Clients

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A Little About Us

Average designs, brands and leads are invisible. Safe is invisible. If it's not remarkable, it's anonymous, over-looked and uncriticized. The Swagger Group is special and it isn't normal and it definitely isn't easy. But it is how we are. The Swagger Group is remarkable and for those who wish to be remarkable. Nothing invisible here. Just momentous! Let us design something for you.

It's our niche ... and our strut!

The Swagger Group is a design, advertising and marketing agency in South Florida. We service the US and international entities with remarkable designs, brand creatives and lead generation in a world where most, too often, do not function properly. We are the alternative who is much sought after. We care about what works and extend the borders to reveal something worth talking about, worth noticing, exceptional, new, interesting ... truly remarkable.

Our continuum of innovation is best thought of as a system of overlapping spaces rather than nice, orderly, little steps. We think is them as inspiration, the problem or opportunity that motivates the search for solutions; ideation, the process of generating, developing and testing ideas; and implementation, the path that leads from our project room to the market.

A Little MORE About Us

We loop back through these spaces more than once as the Swagger Group team refines it's ideas and explores new directions. Our work ethic is fundamentally an exploratory process that leads us to sometimes unexpected discoveries along the way.

You have two choices: To be invisible, anonymous and safe or take a chance at greatness and be remarkable. Predictability leads to boredom and boredom leads to the loss of revenue for your business. So what will it be?

Our moral marketing mission helps us win because how we treat the attention of our prospects as assests, not as resources to be strip-mined and then abandoned let's some of the competition handles their work.

Let work together! Contact us.

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