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Award-Winning Wedding Photos of 2014

Wedding photography is a competitive business model. The market is flooded with photographers, from young start-ups to established businesses that are exceedingly expensive and hard to book. One organization that indirectly sets standards is The International Society of Professional Wedding…

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5 Techniques That Create Depth and Make Your Cinematography More Dynamic

How do you create depth when you're working with a two-dimensional medium? One of the first things you learn about when studying cinematography is composition, and one of the first things you learn about composition is basic aesthetic theory: symmetry…

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30 Years Of Music Photography By Josh Cheuse

A ny photographer that can say they’ve spent thirty years of their life shooting pics of musicians and entertainers has definitely seen some crazy s@#!, but Josh Cheuse has, for the most part, kept that crazy side out of the…

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Images Of Nature Reclaiming The Land From Human Civilization

T ry as we might humanity cannot take over the natural world for long- eventually nature fights back, and for the most part wins, despite our extremely destructive efforts. It’s humbling and gratifying to see the natural world overcoming the…

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