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These Single-Purpose Tools Are Delightfully Pointless

O r maybe a fork designed just for eating spaghetti? They're all humorously single-purpose, but that's kind of the point. Designer Lee Ben David wanted to make a statement about the disconnect people have with their food and how rarely…

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How to Grill Fish on Pineapple Bark

This is clever! It had never occured to me to use pineapple as a cooking tool. I should definitely try this the next time I have access to a grill. Kristen of the food blog Make the Best of Everything…

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Sushi Restauranteur Teaches the Proper Way to Eat Sushi

Sushi restauranteur and chef Naomichi Yasuda, who founded Sushi Yasuda in midtown Manhattan before returning to Tokyo to open another restaurant, is a big name in sushi. Here he explains his version of the proper way to eat sushi. Although…

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Chocolate-Faced Little Girl Solemnly Denies Eating Chocolate Doughnut

The daughter of Mandy Meaux, shown here, has apparently decided that when it comes to consuming chocolate doughnuts, the standard is "deny, deny deny." She stands by her response, in spite of it crumbling all around her as a result…

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Oatmeal Creme Pie Creme Pie

A Swagger Group agency office favorite. We just had to share! Sorry, we're hungry. Maybe this is a good time to ask Jack to purchase an oven for the office. Becky McKay went totally meta with this dish. She started…

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