JDA Software Launches Rebranding Push: ‘Plan to Deliver’

Supply-Chain-Software Company’s Aim Is to Simplify Focus

JDA Software, a supply-chain-management and retail-planning software company, this week launched a rebranding campaign with the tagline “Plan to Deliver.”

The campaign, developed with brand-strategy agency Lippincott, is designed to simplify the company’s mission and communicate its benefit to customers.

“The company has gotten quite large through acquisitions, so we are trying to synthesize our value proposition and help our customers understand the value that JDA brings — that was the mission,” said Kevin Iaquinto, exec VP-chief marketing officer at JDA Software.

Over the past few years, JDA — which has approximately $1 billion in annual revenue — has acquired companies including Red Prairie, a supply-chain-execution and workforce-management company; i2, a supply-chain-solutions company; and Manugistics, a demand-management and logistics provider.

“The way we were communicating caused a little bit of confusion in terms of what we offered and what markets we played in,” Mr. Iaquinto said. “We were almost better known for some of our acquired brand names than for JDA itself, and there was a little confusion in the market about which brands are owned by JDA.”

The new tagline, “Plan to Deliver,” represents the breadth of JDA’s solutions, from planning to execution through delivery.

“Our brand promise is, if you use JDA’s solutions, your project achieves business results and you can plan to deliver,” Mr. Iaquinto said. “We wanted to make sure we were much more customer-benefit oriented. ‘Plan to Deliver’ flips it to the customer benefit — whether you’re a retailer or a manufacturer, you can plan to deliver.”

The campaign includes print, online and out-of-home ads, a redesigned website, social media and events. The budget was undisclosed.

The effort also includes a significant internal campaign to create brand advocates within the company. For example, employees can enter photo contests to show how they’re delivering to customers. They are also being trained to advocate for the JDA brand.

“I’m a big believer in branding from the inside out — our employee base is key,” Mr. Iaquinto said.

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