You No Longer Need an Ocean (or Athleticism) To Surf

Have you ever wanted to surf without ever having to undergo the painstaking process of learning how to surf?

How about shred a completely flat body of water as if it’s roping J-Bay? Until you can’t stand any longer – because your legs burn that bad?

Well, forget WaveJet, which is more of a surf/paddle assistant, and say hello to JetSurf, which actually enables, anyone, we mean anyone to move across water like only a surfer once could.

As far as tech specs go, the JetSurf is propelled with a 100cc engine that maxes out at 35 miles per hour – just fast enough to get a speeding ticket in your local neighborhood.

Kai Lenny says it’s a cross between a formula one car and a jet ski. Jamie O’Brien tested this beast out, too. What’d he think?

“You don’t even need a wave to surf any more.”

Thank goodness. It goes flat way too often.

And would you be surprised if we told you this has been surfed at Nazare? We didn’t think so.

Side note: The video above is really relaxing.

Jet Surf

Of course this was surfed at Nazare. Photo: JetSurf

What ya think? We want one!

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