Part 2: Your Guide To Swag Social Media Marketing

Swag Social Media Marketing Guide – Part 2

Now that we have covered part 1 of the Swagger Group’s Swag Social Media Marketing Guide, we will now step into a simple framework for marketing online.


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This framework is necessary because social media marketing is not a stand-alone process or an outcome.

Whenever you think about marketing, ask yourself this question: Am I using the technique to charm, change, convert? (Swag 3C’s Method) Keep in mind that there are plenty of instances in which an online marketing tactic can perform multiple functions. We will cover these instances later.


Nowhere is social media marketing more successful and useful than in the “lure” phase of online marketing. During the lure phase, you are trying to drive traffic to your site and stand out from the masses.

We will look at the how of driving traffic later in this multi-part tutorial guide. For now, let’s focus briefly on what you need in order to make your product or service alluring online.

This may seem like a detour from social media marketing, but it is in fact the framework you absolutely must have to lure people to your product or service.


If your brand could be summed up in one word, what would it be?


What’s the outcome you help clients achieve? Not the process you use but the final result. Sum it up in one line: Our company helps business grow by leveraging the internet. Simple. We may create websites and conduct social media trainings and so on, but those are all part of the process. We do those things to accomplish a goal. That goal is to help our clients make more money. That goal is our outcome.


What makes you inherently different from your competitors? The online marketing field is a competitive one. However, most marketing companies only offer one piece of the puzzle. They may offer graphic design, or optimize websites, or focus on simply consulting. There isn’t anything wrong with this approach, but this is one of the areas our company, the Swagger Group, decided to make a mark. We recognize that many clients out there do not have the tine or in-house resources to handle their web marketing. Moreover, they do not want to hire and manage multiple companies and consultants. So, we offered to literally take over web marketing for our clients. In essence, we offered to become their online marketing department and drive inbound leads. It has been an amazing differentiator for us! So, your separator, in other words, is simply what makes you stand out.

I can’t stress enough how important these principles-these basic building blocks-are to online marketing and social media marketing in particular. There is no lack of information and noise out there. As consumers, we are constantly inundated with data.

It is continual grand bazaar. If you don’t have the right elements, you can’t stand out from the noise. If you don’t stand out, you can’t attract people to do business.

The #1 reason people fail at social media marketing is that they don’t have a solid foundation. They don’t have a brand, they have absolutely no way of separating themselves from the competition.

Social Media is the ultimate amplifier. If you have a good product or service, it will be amplified until it is perceived as great.

If you have a shoddy product to begin with, that will also be amplified. Think about when you speak to your friends. Do you tell them that a restaurant you liked as good or do you say it was amazing? Inside each of us is a storyteller – something we will swag into after the New Year. We like to amplify. Social platforms and the internet in general allow us to do that. They are a megaphone for your message. The people who consistently do well using social media are the ones who were already doing well to begin with. Very true. The medium simply amplifies their success.

One of our inspirations: Jason David Frank

What this man can do with social media is fantastic! I also consider him a friend. You rock JDF!


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What about you?

Do you have anything to add to Part 2 of the Swag Social Media Marketing Guide?

Look forward to your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.

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