Part 3: Your Guide To Swag Social Media Marketing

Now that we have covered Part 1 and Part 2 of the Swagger Group’s Swag Social Media Marketing Tutorial, we will continue with the simple framework for marketing online.

This framework is necessary because social media marketing is not a stand-alone process or an outcome.

Whenever you think about marketing, ask yourself this question: Am I using the technique to charm, change, convert? (Swag 3C’s Method). Keep in mind that there are plenty of instances in which an online marketing tactic can perform multiple functions. We will cover these instances later.

“Swag 3C’s”
#2: Change

So, What happens after you CHARM your clients or customers? If they are an ideal fit, they CHANGE. I say if they are ideal fit because not everyone you attract will be. And that’s okay. You want to change the one’s out there.

As I mentioned previously, conversion can happen in one of two ways:

1.) A stranger turns into a customer, or
2.) a stranger turns into a client or customer

People become consumers when they subscribe to your blog, get on your newsletter list, or merely like your Facebook page (more on this later). They are consuming your information. At this point, they have converted by your charm. They are no longer strangers.

Why is this important? Even if they aren’t paying for the content they’re consuming, they are still being exposed to your company and your brand. There is an old marketing adage that says a person must come into contact with your brand seven times before he or she will make a purchase. Seven times!

Think about the last time you went grocery shopping at a big chain store. Chances are that there was some table setup that allowed you to sample a product-whether it was new juice or old-fashioned jam. Studies show that when people sample, they are more likely to buy! This same “sample table” concept also works online. Offering people a sample of your work-whether through written content, pictures, or videos-can also lead them to buy from you.

Ideally, the formula works like this: Consumption of Valuable Content + Time = Client

Time is a variable. Some people may buy right after sampling your product or service. Others may need much longer. Some of our clients received our newsletter for over a year before they decided to become clients. And not everyone should turn into a client. You only want those who are a perfect fit! The more qualified the buyer, the fewer the returns.

How Does Social Media Marketing Fit When It Comes To Conversions?

Let’s be completely honest about what social media rarely does-lead to instant clients. For example, if you are looking to put up your LinkedIn profile and immediately get swamped by client requests, you may be disappointed. I won’t sway that social media marketing doesn’t ever lead directly to clients because it does happen, but this should not be your goal. If you want to gain clients quickly, there are better ways to achieving it.

What social media is great at is turning strangers into consumers. It’s the perfect channel for allowing people to get a taste of your product or service-it’s sampling made easy.

What’s the Best Conversion Tool?

Your website! There is no getting around this one. You shouldn’t be engaging in social media marketing if you don’t have a website first. Every time I speak on the subject of social media marketing, someone inevitably asks me, “Can’t I substitute a social media profile (say, Facebook or LinkedIn) in lieu of a website?” The answer is always no.

Why should you have your own website and not depend on social media profiles?

  • You own your website. You don’t own your social media profiles. Your profiles (and your hard-earned contact list) is owned by the social media site itself. If it goes “poof” tomorrow, then so does your online presence.
  • Social Media profiles are limited. You can convey only so much information on your profile. Although it may (and should) intrigue someone, it isn’t enough to make a sale. Remember, social media is not a selling tool! It is an attracting tool.


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What about you?

Do you have anything to add to Part 3 of the Swag Social Media Marketing Guide?

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