The Embassy Handmade Co. engaged the Swagger Group to work on a redirection of the Embassy brand. Using our own design and market research, along with their findings, we help craft a design strategy for the brand.

They loved our design creation for the Coopers Creek Seed Co. that they insisted on a very similar design. Don’t worry, CCSC didn’t mind at all.

Embassy Handmade Co. – Handcrafted Goods.

Embassy Handmade Company Logo

Embassy Handmade Company Logo.



You can download images of our work by visiting the ‘Swagfolio’ section of our website, clicking on any project page, and clicking “download hi/low resolution images” at the bottom of each page next to the credits. If you are writing an article about us online, you are free to use images of our work on your website or blog if you use proper credits. If you would like to feature us in a book or magazine, please email us. You will then be able to download hires images from any of the pages on our website. We ask that you properly credit each piece and send us a printed copy of your book, magazine, or newspaper in the mail for our archives. Thanks!