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The Swagger Group is the architect and discoverer in Digital Lifestyle Management
- the execution of specialized social communication with the world -

Engaging people in new forms of communication, collaboration, education and entertainment. But, what is Digital Lifestyle Management you ask? Let’s dive right in. Shall we? You are now entering the frontier with the creators of Digital Lifestyle Management - The Swagger Group.

The Swagger Group provides Social Media Management services for companies across industries.

The Swaggers Group specializes in social media content management to communicate with new and existing followers yet extending globally for a successful public and online presence. This is what we have coined as Digital Lifestyle Management focusing on every detail on all global social networking sites. Our committed Digital Lifestyle Management Team dedicated to their assigned client stay in constant contact with your management and publicists to ensure accurate, targeted, timely and unique content distribution and communication with their fans.

The Swagger Group extends customer awareness and community within the global social world. Did you know that there are now more social networking accounts than there are people in the world. Our Digital Lifestyle Management Team will improve your promotional efficiency, company/brand information, increase prospect customer activity and interaction for personal, professional, industry and product brand interaction...365. It is imperative for you to become globally recognized to consumers whom would otherwise be oblivious of your product or service. Let us maximize social media for you in ways you never dreamed possible.

The Swagger Group forges and globally broadens your social channels and strategically formulates subject matter related to your service(s) or product(s). Daily, our team builds connections, groups, subscribers, and followers and mass distributes your content and product(s) presence through social media, blogs, bookmarks and websites. Some of the many benefits our local or global clients see are improved fan communication and interaction. We work closely with a variety of industry professionals, such as but not limited to, record label artists and their management, executives, composers, producers and publicists and engage with their fan base to successfully achieve their overall objective…a dominating global presents.

We flood social media ecosystem with a cascade of creative blogs, posts, tweets, updates, social standing, and marketplace reputation improving movie, concert, political, business and consumer product sales, as well as extending your reach to millions of new consumers, fans and followers.

Our Digital Lifestyle Management Teams act as your brand. They are your brand. Our service relieves the pressures on music artists, celebrities and their management teams and their untimely fan updates on there monthly activities an such keeping their fans informed and intrigued while attempting to gain new and numerous followers and customers. Nurture a winning social network communication to fans with enduring value and life long loyalty. We act with urgency, responsive and courage to change with a spotlight on execution, communication and efficient news. The world and how celebrities market themselves and promote their products is changing all around us.

Time is ticking

Everyday you hold off on SEO is missed customers, clients or money!

"It's not who you know or who knows you, but who can SEE you"
Jack M. Macaluso

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