You No Longer Need an Ocean (or Athleticism) To Surf

Have you ever wanted to surf without ever having to undergo the painstaking process of learning how to surf? How about shred a completely flat body of water as if it’s roping J-Bay? Until you can’t stand any longer –…

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Interview with Pontus Wahlgren design director at IDEO in San Fran

interview with pontus wahlgren, design director at IDEO san francisco All images image courtesy IDEO Somewhere on your vanity, among the candy-colored bottles and emery boards, there’s one tool that’s awkward and clumsy to use: the cap that serves as…

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Interview with Designer Sir Kenneth Grange

Great gaming stunt from BBDO Sir Kenneth Grange Sir Kenneth Grange was born in london in 1929. He attended willesden school of arts and crafts, graduating in 1947. After his national service he worked with various architects in london before…

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An Ingenious Plane Design That Makes Room for Your Carry-Ons

Great gaming stunt from BBDO There needs to be a word for that special mix of frustration and boredom that accompanies having to check your carry-on bags, and then waiting for them to be unloaded. But we’ll probably never get…

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