Jack M. Macaluso - President of the Swagger Group Agency

Jack Macaluso

Graphic Designer, President

Jack Macaluso has worked with Office Deport, Prince Royce, Luis Enrique, Enrique Iglesias, Miami Heat, CBS and others.

“I grew up drawing and building anything my mind could imagine. As I entered college, I began my studies in Mechanical Engineering and Archeology while attending the University of Central Florida. Archaeology exposed me to ancient images and artistic cave paintings that have fascinated and captivated many.

Their images transcend time and are relatable. They embody the human spirit. I, too, wanted to create imagery that would be respected and transcend time. I wanted to create imagery that would capture my passion for graphic design.”

Following graduation, I worked my way up and learned everything I could about design, art direction, typography, illustration, communication, storytelling, observation and investigation. I traveled to far off lands to further my understanding and experimentation of design among foreign cultures.

As time progressed, I expanded on my passions of building bold brands, acclaimed designs, products and marketing campaigns which have been instrumental in shaping many well know brands that needed to project themselves to the outside world including:”

  • Office Depot
  • CBS Sportsline (now CBS Sports)
  • Top Stop Music Company
  • Prince Royce
  • Luis Enrique
  • Enrique Iglesias
  • Pitbull
  • Le Parrain
  • Large and Small Companies right down to ‘Mom and Pops’

“As I develop as a designer, I continuously pursue expertise in drawing and designing. While it’s important to understand design history and techniques, it’s equally important to get out of the studio and look around at the world in which we live. I strive to wrap the messages of clients into compelling stories to not only hold the attention of the audience, but also make the message presented more memorable through design not likely to be forgotten.”

Where will design take me next?

Jack M. Macaluso
Graphic Designer, Product Designer, Brand Developer

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