Van Damme Attacking a Block of Ice for Coors Light

Actor Gets Physical to Craft Ice Sculptures in New U.K. Spot

After Epic Split, he’s back; but this time Jean Claude Van Damme is starring in an ad for Coors Light. In this U.K. spot for the brand (for which he’s appeared previously), the actor shows off his muscles by attacking a block of ice.

The ad, by VCCP, and directed by Daniel Kleinman via Rattling Stick, sees the actor explaining that for years he’s been trying to “recreate the ice cold refreshment of a Coors Light.” This he does by dragging a block of ice up a mountain, dressed in a denim waistcoat, and crafting it into incredible ice sculptures via a series of martial arts moves. It’s all set to pumped up ’80s-style music reminscent of the actor’s blockbuster past. While it’s not quite “Epic Split,” it’s amusing enough — and the online version of the ad encourages viewers to click through to Coors’ Ice Bar page where they can register to visit actual ice bars in London, Manchester or Austria.

What about you?

It’s easy! Van Damme kicks butt. Make’s us me want a beer. After work hours, or course.

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