Your Guide To Swag Social Media Marketing

Swag Social Media Marketing

Part 1

Over the next few weeks, the Swagger Group will introduce you to a new direction in Social Media marketing to help put some Swag in your social media marketing.

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Who is this guide for?

If you are in control for marketing in any shape or form, this multi-part guide is just for you. Perhaps you are a small business owner on the hook for attracting your own customers or clientele, or the CEO of an behemoth company that wants to crystallize its online rep. Or perhaps your a CMO looking to constantly generate inbound leads. The foundation is that same. The Swag Social Media Marketing tutorial will guide you on how to leverage social media to accomplish your goals.

What You Will Learn?

  • Where Swag Social Media Marketing fits in the bigger scheme of things.
  • How to make your website or blog the hub of your online marketing efforts.
  • How to use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for online marketing. (Ethical manner of course)
  • How to drive traffic to your site.
  • How to build credibility and establish expertise.
  • and so much more!

3 Reasons Traditional Marketing Worked Well For Many Years

Before we look at online marketing, let’s look at traditional or offline marketing. This will help set the foundation for marketing on the internet. Before the advent of the internet, there were predominantly three main ways to market.

  • Print
  • TV
  • Radio

Print included newspapers, magazines, Yellow Pages, posters, billboards and even direct mail. Radio and TV included commercials and spots or segments.

Reason 1

Marketing was a one-way street

Companies talked at the consumers, and this was expected because there really was no viable way for customers to talk back. Sure, word of mouth existed. However, you would realistically only tell Tony, Sally, and many be Joey (if she was in town) before moving on. It took a long time for word to get around. If the nice-looking lady on television said the laundry detergent was amazing, we believed it. Today, we can go on a company’s Facebook page, find them on Twitter, or even comment on their blog.

Pause. This is a good time to drop a little comment bomb for our blog. Ummm…. leave us a comment.

Reason 2

We were all the same, more or less

Let’s face it! We wore the same clothes, had the same habits and enjoyed the same activities. It was easier for marketers to target buyers because they knew exactly who and where they were. Today, you need a multi pronged approach. You can’t reach a demographic through one channel. You have to reach people through the channel of their choice.

Reason 3

We were less tired – and a little less jaded

At first, we believed the man on TV when he said that his product could eliminate any stain. We believed it when the woman who reminded us of Grandma said the cookies tasted freshly baked. We believed it all – for a while. We were so transfixed on the well-written copy in the magazine or the flashy ad on TV. Today, we are a lot savvier. We check reviews, leave comments and demand trial versions.

Does this mean traditional marketing is over?

Not at all. Well, not yet at least. It has, however, evolved of course. The internet has woven its way through every form of traditional marketing. When was the last time you got a piece of direct mail that didn’t have a website address on it?

What is Online Marketing?

Online marketing is the art and science (swag) of leveraging the internet to get your message across so that you can move people to take action. The tools just keep changing.

If online marketing is the act of leveraging the internet in general to get your message across, social media marketing is the act of leveraging specifically social media platforms (places where people connect and communicate) to promote a product or a service to increase sales.

End Part 1

Read Part 2 and Part 3!

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by Jack M. Macaluso